“David, first I want to say “thank you” for sharing your knowledge and expertise with me. Your passion for trading and your desire to share with others is evident. Before meeting you, I had signed up with two other trading chat rooms/educators. Needless to say, I blew up my trading account and didn’t learn a whole heck of a lot. It now seems clear to me that their number one goal was selling their “systems” and acquiring new members, and they really weren’t good traders. I have the feeling that your number one goal is for me to succeed, and that brings me comfort and confidence in my own success.
You have simplified e-mini trading and have explained it in terms that I can understand. I have always been a believer in keeping it simple, and that is what I believe you have done. Your videos and modules are explained in a way that anyone could understand.
I can honestly say, I believe your are giving me the tools to become a successful trader. My highlight of the evening is getting your emails on your daily activity. Keep them coming.”


“I am fortunate to have found The E-mini Trading Professor. Like other would-be traders, I have spent thousands of dollars on a variety of e-books, courses, software, and trading systems – all promising to teach me how to trade successfully.
However, all of them either didn’t work, were too subjective, or had too many “exceptions to the rule” which caused the underlying strategy to fail.  The e-mini day trading system taught here is simple to understand, and more importantly, simple to use. There aren’t a ton of indicators. Interpreting them is not difficult. And they work!
In addition, trading psychology is discussed in depth, which is the real key to long term trading success.”


“I have been here for about 3 weeks.  David is a very good trader.  He is the most consistent that I have seen.”


“I already applied some of what you showed me and had a good real trade and then used it on simulated trading and had two good trades.  A completely different way of looking at trading.  Thanks for the help.  This feels like a whole new game to play now with your help.”