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Whether you are a day trader or investor who just wants signals, you can benefit from the experience of a 20-year a veteran floor trader and e-mini scalper.

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E-mini Trading Professor For Beginners

The E-mini Trading Professor System is written solely by a 20-year veteran of the institutional and retail trading business. The trading style taught in The E-mini Trading Professor System is time-tested, and the methods have produced enviable results for more than twenty years.

One particular aspect that distinguishes this e-mini system from many others is a solid emphasis on the emotional and psychological aspects of trading, which I believe are the major stumbling blocks in most novice traders success. I believe in this so strongly that the first trading module is devoted entirely to managing your emotions-even before you are introduced to the actual e-mini trading system.

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Why the E-minis are the ideal market to trade.

  • You can easily participate in broad market moves with one trading decision (one chart) – instead of having to choose individual stocks. Why bother looking at tons of stocks when you can trade the E-mini S&P 500 or E-mini Dow? One chart. One market.
  • Electronically traded on the CME Globex® platform, offering speed, reliability, anonymity and trading around the clock, around the world! And there are very low trading costs compared to trading ETF’s or other markets; under $3 per trade!
  • No market research required. This is a fast, efficient way to trade the benchmark S&P 500 Index (and the underlying 500 large-cap U.S. issues) with a single contract.
  • There are NO market makers and there are NO gaps during market hours.
  • Futures margin requirements are a fraction of those needed for day trading stocks; $500-1000 for E-minis vs. $25,000 for stocks. In fact, there is roughly 75-1 leverage!
  • You can profit no matter which way the market moves; up or down. Bad market news can be really good news to you.
  • Tremendous leverage, liquidity (tight bid/ask spreads) and daily volatility for maximum profit potential. There are 15-point average daily ranges (as of this writing), which equates to $750 per contract from high to low.
  • A two-point move equals a 10% ROI in just minutes of being in a trade.
  • There are substantial tax advantages when trading the E-minis.

When you subscribe you receive:

  • You will learn exactly what needs to happen in the market for you to take a trade…at any given time during the day, you will know exactly what needs to set up before actually taking a trade. You will also learn when to step aside and not to trade at all.
  • You will learn how to think and how to act like a professional trader by following certain trade criteria, which in turn will help you develop the necessary psychological-emotional approach it takes to become successful. Few traders ever learn this, which is one reason beginning traders fail.
  • Your trading intuitiveness, reactions, and overall knowledge of the markets will continually grow and develop on a daily basis.
  • You will learn to trade in a course that is specifically designed and tailored to meet the needs of a beginning trader, yet provides you with the necessary skills to successfully trade. I use the exact same strategies.
  • You get unlimited access to our exclusive Members Area.
  • You will learn the scalping style of trading, a style that carves out small chunks of profit 5-8 times a day, no overnight trades, we are in cash every night.
  • Solid, time-tested methodology and state-of-the-art support; we want you to succeed.
  • In-depth discussions on the effect of emotions and trading, your key to trading success.
  • Detailed charts illustrate trade setups, along with a set of practice charts to markup.
  • Learn solid money management techniques and stay in the business for the long haul.
  • Comprehensive mentoring programs are available.
  • Technical questions and general questions answered via dedicated 800 line.
  • Extensive article base for you to enhance your learning experience.
  • Course contains 13 information packed modules.
  • Exclusive nightly day trading videos delivered to your e-mail box along with informative articles so you will be able to further your trading education and increase your knowledge base.

Full access to our live e-mini trading room:

  • Watch and listen to the E-mini Trading Professor trade the e-minis live daily.
  • Get fast answers to your trading questions.
  • Interact with other traders.

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