Free E-mini Trading Videos

Free Trading VideosOn occasion, the E-mini Trading Professor analyzes the markets and creates a brief video for your education. These e-mini trading videos are ABSOLUTELY FREE for your benefit. Each video is packed with insights on how to day trade the e-minis. Enjoy!

Video topics include:

  • How to read charts
  • How to ignore market noise and avoid over trading
  • How to read market internals
  • How to trade the e-minis with the NYSE TICK
  • How to think differently than the average e-mini trader to make big gains
  • How to understand pivot levels
  • How to interpret price action
  • Understanding the significance of fibonacci confluence
  • Analyzing bullish and bearish divergence on indicators

Futures E-mini Day Trading Set-ups


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Detailed ES E-mini Day Trading Chart with Trades and Rational

E-mini (ES) Day Trading Video – April 8, 2010

E-mini Day Trading Video – April 22, 2010