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The E-mini Trading Professor is a veteran floor trader with over 20 years’ experience. He has made thousands of trades from the pits as well as from behind the computer screen. He trades the e-minis everyday with real money while he teaches others to trade. He is truly a traders’ trader. (And no, this is not really him in the photo below.) His real name is David Adams.

E-mini Trading Professor

How many years of trading experience do you have?

I have been trading for 22 years, mostly at the institutional level, with some retail stock brokerage experience wedged in from time to time. I also owned a stock brokerage for several years.

How did you get involved in trading?

I started out as a retail registered representative with IDS Financial Services and gradually worked my way through their leadership programs. Through IDS’s relationship with Shearson, I had the opportunity to begin in their institutional trading programs. When Lehman Brothers engaged my services, I worked for them for the remainder of my career.

What are your biggest strengths as a trader?

The name of the game is price action – not indicators and oscillators – which are only useful for filtering potential trades.

What are your biggest weaknesses as a trader?

At age 53, my ability to concentrate effectively is only about 6 hours. Any longer than that time period, I find my decision making ability is substandard and sloppy.

What was a trading experience where you learned a valuable lesson about the markets and yourself?

It was a gradual process, but learning to avoid enticing countertrend trades took quite a bit of effort. I currently limit myself to one countertrend trade per day. Needless to say, I am deeply influenced by trend and momentum trading methodologies.

What is your trading expertise?

I am focused specifically on the e-mini contracts – the ES and YM.

How would you describe your trading style?

I am a dyed in the wool, short-term, intraday scalp trader.

Is there anything else you’d like to add?

I have a very easy going style of trading, and seldom get excited or agitated. I don’t worry too much about an occasional sour trade since I am confident in my ability to maintain my trading style and come out with consistent gains.

More questions? Learn more about Dave’s e-mini trading strategy and his trading course at our FAQs here.

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