Live E-mini Trading and Educational Programs

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Learn e-mini trading in real time using order flow, tape reading, volume and support and resistance.

Trading 1 or 2 contracts on $5/tick (mostly NQ) and 1 contract on $10/tick contracts  ( brokerage statements are available upon written request, referrals from room members also available) 


Yearly Performance as of 5/27/2016:

 +$1820 for the week, +$23,416 for the year


***Because of the recent stir in recent months regarding trading documentation I video record the entire session and all trades I take in the trading room.  If you want proof, request the videos, the trades are all there, winners and losers.***

Please see bottom portion of page for disclaimers.


E-mini Trading is about consistency….and using realPlease see bottom portion of page for disclaimers.

Real-time data, not lagging indicators!

We trade with a state of the art order flow system and fantastic tape reading monitor…get out of the lagging indicator rut and utilize the latest e-mini trading technology.

Better yet, I meet with you once (or more) times a week one on one, as needed, for as long as you need to master our e-mini trading system.  You won’t be left hanging out by yourself and there is never a charge for our e-mini trading room to active members of Unique Thinking E-mini Trading System.

Check out this E-mini trading consistency, just updated, and nearly identical to last year.  This is from 05-01-14 until the present…verification is available upon written request

journal summary

 Since October 1, 85% win percentage on 153 trades.*

*To be a winning trade, the trade must be at least +6 ticks

I retain brokerage statements for all quoted returns.  I trade with a DOM up on all trades, and clearly  announce my e-mini trade decisions for the benefit of room traders who may mirror some or all of my trades at their own discretion.

CFTC Required Disclaimer:  Hypothetical or simulated performance results have certain limitations.  Unlike an actual performance record, simulated results do not represent actual trading. Also, since the trades have not been executed, the results may have under or over compensated for the impact, if any, of certain market factors, such as lack of liquidity. Simulated trading programs in general are also subject to the fact that they are designed with the benefit of hindsight. No representation is being made that also, any account will or is likely to achieve profit or losses similar to those shown.


(Please read risk disclosure on page footer for important info regarding futures investing)


Click here to read our e-mini blog, it’s loaded with e-mini trading tips!

Where else can you find an affordable
e-mini Trading program that:

  • Gives you lifetime private, 1×1 one hour e-mini trading sessions with the founder of the program?
  • Gives you unlimited free months in a e-mini trading room intentionally kept around 20 students.
  • Microphones are on in the trading room, so you can ask questions “on the fly” during trading?
  • Supplies you with a detailed, 300 page learning manual that  matches lesson time with your 1×1 training sessions?
  • I trade real money, DOM up, and you see my exact trade as I take it…none of this calling out trades without a DOM.
  • This program is well under half the price of similar programs….I make money trading along you.
  • You decide what e-mini trades to take based up where you are at in your training, and at your comfort level.
  • My goal is to GET YOU OUT OF THE TRADING ROOM AND TRADING ON YOUR OWN, not hamstring you so you need the room forever!
  • Work with a trader with 20+  years of institutional experience who still excited about waking up and trading?  Trading is my life passion.


“I can’t guarantee you’ll be a millionaire in your first month.
But I KNOW I can make you a better trader and investor with
high-probability e-mini day trading and scalping strategies.”

Online Video Training Course- All Courses Include LIFETIME 1 on 1 instruction– Live Trading Room – YM,TF,CL,NQ,6E  Day Trading Signals With Exact Entries & Exits – Autotrading

Learn why the e-mini futures contract is an ideal instrument to scalp and day trade.


  • Learn exactly what needs to happen in the market for you to take an e-mini trade.

  • Learn when to step aside and not trade at all.

  • Learn from powerful & educational e-mini day trading lessons on a daily basis. Continue to learn and to grow as a trader each and every day.

  • Your trading intuitiveness, reactions, and overall knowledge of the markets will continually grow and develop on a daily basis.

  • Learn how to think and how to act like a professional e-mini day trader by following certain trade criteria, which in turn will help you develop the necessary psychological-emotional approach it takes to become successful. Few day traders ever learn this, which is why most fail.

  • Learn to day trade in a course that is specifically designed and tailored to meet the needs of a beginning e-mini trader, yet provides you with the necessary skills to successfully trade. I use the exact same strategies each day.


Better yet….we have expanded the e-mini trading room hours to 6am- 11:30am EST to pack in more trading time!

“I am fortunate to have found The Simply Unique Trading System. Like other would-be futures day traders, I have spent thousands of dollars on a variety of e-books, courses, software, and day trading systems – all promising to teach me how to trade successfully. However, all of them either didn’t work, were too subjective, or had too many “exceptions to the rule.” The e-mini futures day trading / scalping system taught here is easy to understand. And it works! In addition, trading psychology is discussed in depth, which is the real key to long term trading success.”

– Ed D., Orange County, California

For years my colleagues and friends have begged me
to share the e-mini trading style that made me so
successful at the institutional trading level for
over 2 decades. Well, I finally decided to do it…

E-mini day trading for beginners

Financial independence can become a reality
with e-mini trading. It has with me.

Futures trading for beginners

How important would it be to you to be able to provide an exciting future for yourself, your partner, and your family, where you have a lot of money coming in, for very little physical effort. Isn’t this what you’ve always dreamed about?

By joining Unique Thinking e-mini trading and scalping training system you’ll be moving beyond any prior expectations you have. You’ll learn consistently reliable, high profit, low risk trading calls in real time.

You’ll know your entry and exit points, profit objectives and stop losses before you pull the trigger.

And you’ll be able to watch your trading mentor and coach use his or her own money to make the same trade. The Live Trading Room is a virtual trading environment in which traders of all skill levels can collaborate, discuss and learn in the presence and guidance of professional e-mini day traders.


Here are some of the advantages of the Simply Unique Trading.
 It’s perfect for traders who want to learn to
trade the RIGHT WAY.

  • Ideal For Traders Of All Levels
  • Simple, Yet Powerful e-mini trading Methods
  • Live Market Coaching
  • Low Capital Outlay
  • Choose Your Own Hours
  • Part-Time or Full-Time
  • Work from Home or Anywhere You Desire
  • PLUS there are many more advantages that we don’t have room here to tell you about.

While sensationalists are moaning in despair, the well-prepared are calmly turning the volatile market to their huge advantage and not only surviving but thriving in a chaotic Crisis.

You are one short step from beginning a great career in E-mini Trading using a tried and true system and mentored one on one by the E-mini Professor.

Because I keep the room small, and train  1×1, we often have a waiting list:

Your Next Step: Enroll with the Simply Unique E-mini Trading Program.
Give us a try! Call us at 309-336-3353.


contact us by email at

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